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Temproze Business Associates Pvt Ltd
About us
Temproze Business Associates Pvt Ltd
Temproze is an agricultural commodity trading company with a focus on sourcing high quality Spices from south India. We are partnering with all stakeholders involved in supply chain to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth. By adopting ‘Fair Trade’ practices, we deliver quality, quantity and values. We are delivering not just commodity but ultimate satisfaction to our partners.
Temproze Approach
By limiting the layers in supply chain, we offer maximum benefits to all our stake holders including our customers as well as the growers. Farmers are the backbone of the Food Industry where they are much affected from both sides (Govt and Market side). Temproze cut down the intermediaries by collecting raw material produce directly from farmers located in rural areas where the growers are much exploited. We also act as brokers for our international customers for sourcing Multi Origin spices, Dry Fruits, Pulses, Wheat and spice derivatives like Spice Oils, Oleoresins, Essential Oils etc.
Who we are
We follow a professional approach, it’s a scientific and systematic methodology which we practice in the entire process. A well experienced team powered the whole activities of the Company. We ensure that the customer requirements are met with respect of country regulations on various quality parameters. Our team is having indepth knowledge in regulations of USFDA, EPA and EU with respect of Spices. We have an excellent team with a flavor in research and they are getting regular updates from growers. It empowers us to give valuable inputs to our customers.
“Deliver quality agricultural commodities to meet global demands.”
To be renowned as an authentic provider and most reliable sourcing company of Commodities globally.
Temproze Advantage
We are responsible and committed to deliver quality products and services to entire stakeholders.
We guarantee farmers and customers a fair market price to ensure ‘Fair trade’ practices.
Our beliefs
We practice high ethical business standards and always committed to our principles.
We are sourcing from local farmers and support them to build life. There are a lot of projects and programs focus on economic and social development of farming community.
  • Nutmeg with shell and without shell in Whole and in Powder.
  • Mace Whole
  • Green Cardamom
  • Dry Ginger Whole and Powder
  • Turmeric Whole and Powder
  • Black Pepper Whole
  • Red Chilies
  • Star Anise
  • Cinnamon
  • Bay Leaf
  • Tamarind Whole
We Trade
Dry Fruits